Two tutorials will be given on September 8 th at the University of Salerno . The tutorials 1 and 4 have been cancelled because of too few registrations.

1 09.30 - 13.00 Delia Cabrera DeBuc Image Analysis and Processing in Optical Coherence Tomography
2 09.30 - 13.00 Oliver Schreer 3D Video Processing for Immersive 3D Videoconferencing
3 14.30 - 18.00 Hamid Aghajan and Nicu Sebe Human-centered Vision Systems
4 14.30 - 18.00 Sebastiano Battiato and Giovanni Puglisi Image Processing for Single-Sensor Imaging Devices


University of Salerno is located in a campus close to Fisciano, a small village about 12 km far from Salerno.


There are at least two buses per hour connecting the Salerno railway station and the University. Buses are served by " CSTP Azienda della Mobilit " (bus lines n 7 and 17 ). In order to attend to the tutorial in the morning you can take the bus at Salerno railway station according to the following time schedule:

  • 8:12 -> 8:52, bus line n 17, or
  • 8:27 -> 9:07, bus line n 17
while if you have to attend to the tutorial in the afternoon you can take one of the following:
  • 13:15 -> 13:54, bus line n 7, or
  • 13:21 -> 14:01, bus line n 17
More details about the time schedule of the CSTP buses can be found at the following link (only in Italian) by selecting the fields "Linea" (the bus line, 007 or 017) and "Direzione" (the direction of the trip, "Andata"/"Ritorno" for outward/backward journey, respectively). Note that "Salerno Stazione" and "Fisciano Universit" stand for "Salerno railway station" and "University of Salerno", respectively.


You can get to University of Salerno by taking the Fisciano exit on the highway that connects Salerno and Avellino ( E841 ), then following the road signs for the University. Within the campus it is possible to park the car for free.

Tutorials will be held in the room 136 of the Engineering Faculty.