Oral Presentations

Each paper is allocated 20 minutes for oral presentations. We recommend that presentation of your slides should take about 18 minutes, leaving 2 minutes for questions from the audience.
Your presentation can be in a power-point or a pdf format. The presentation room will be equipped with a computer, a data projector and a pointing device.
At the Conference please identify yourself to the chairman of your session 15 min. Before the session starts and load the presentation on the computer in the presentation room.
The ICIAP 2009 final program (available on the ICIAP 2009 web-site) includes the actual starting time of the presentation.

Poster Presentations

For your poster, you will have a board formatted for posters no larger than the A0 (portrait) format.
Posters can be set up in the morning of the day that your poster paper is scheduled (we have two poster sessions at ICIAP 2009) from 9:00 to 13:00 and it should be brought down before 18:00, the same day.
Your posters will be numbered appropriately in the ICIAP 2009 final program.
In the poster session room the stands with mounting boards provided will have numbers corresponding to the number of your poster.
The conference staff will provide push pins and stands with mounting boards; Conference staff will also assist you in locating the assigned position of your poster.